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Program mednarodne delavnice 2005

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1. Opening remarks

  • Mr. Janez Lotrič: Slovenia WPC NC Chairman (datoteka pps, 23 kB)
  • Dr. Eivald Roren: WPC President (datoteka pps, 41 kB)

2. Retail sector overview

  • Dr.Toth – WPC Vice President: Oil Products Retail in the WPC Picture (datoteka pps, 103 kB)
  • Dr. Sfligiotti – OME General Director: The Supply Chain in the Mediterranean region and the role of OME (datoteka pps, 5.761 kB)
  • Dr. Brueggemann – EUROPIA: Contemporary Trends in the European Oil Industry and the role of EUROPI (datoteka pps, 793 kB)
  • Mr.Genc - Mc. Kinsey: Key Performance Dimensions in a Gasoline Retail Network – go for World-Class Performance (datoteka pps, 732 kB)
  • Mr. Jacoby – IEA: IEA’s Energy Security Policy (datoteka pps, 1.568 kB)

3. Supply patterns, transport optimisation, compulsory stocks

  • Mr.Nupponen – Finnish Oil and Gas Federation: Experience Finland (datoteka pps, 1.874 kB)
  • Mr.Blenkuš - PETROL: Experience of Slovenia (datoteka pps, 793 kB)

4. The required quality and infrastructure for the distribution of bio-fuils, LPG, CNG AND Hydrogen

  • Mr.Erik Bergelin - RENAULT: Managing oil demand in transport (datoteka pps, 901 kB)
  • Dr. Buchsbaum - OMV: Bio-fuels Directive of the EU (datoteka pps, 743 kB)
    Mr.Pethö – MOL Slovnaft: Managing the supply of LPG on service stations (datoteka pps, 2.251 kB)
  • Dr.Proštenik – INA: The need for high quality motor fuels (datoteka pps, 1.823 kB)
  • Mrs.Carrillo Dorado - EU Commission: Security of Energy Installations and Infrastructure (datoteka pps, 158 kB)

5. Key issues crucial for remaining retail business competitive in future

  • Mr.Batista - PETROL: Current aspects of information technology for the oil product retail business (datoteka pps, 17 MB)
  • Mr. Del Manso – UNIONE PETROLIFERA: Collecting of data related to the oil product retail business (datoteka pps, 305 kB)
  • Dr. Brueggemann – EUROPIA: End-use efficiency and energy services related to the oil product retail business (datoteka pps, 86 kB)

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